I'm Jamie, pleased to meet you.

about me.

Hello, I’m Jamie Watson a web application enthusiast based near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I graduated from Keele University with a first class honours degree in 2015 in Computer Science and am now using my skills to develop awesome web applications.

I’ve had the privilege of working as a web designer / developer since 2011 and since then have released a myriad of websites and worked on several enterprise level applications and so-called ‘backend systems’. I’m primarily a PHP developer and my framework of choice is Laravel.

here's what i can do.

Laravel Development

Building awesome products has never been so simple. I use Laravel daily both in my day job and for any of my side projects. It enables me to rapidly build prototypes and go forward with well-written code.

Vue Development

There's little point in developing web applications without an interface to interact with. Lately, Vue is my preference in building functional interfaces.

Website design

I design beutiful interfaces and websites using tools like Sketch. Whilst I'm a backend developer, I always try to keep my hand in design.

Database Systems

Given my knowledge in Computer Science, I understand the mechanics behind database powered applications and backend systems. I can design, plan and build such systems.

Web Development

The web is what got me started with programming. I'm a huge fan of making beautiful websites that are easy to use for their customers.

eCommerce Solutions

Part and parcel of web development is providing ecommerce solutions. Over the years I've developed a large number of web shops enabling clients to start selling their products online.

by all means get in touch.

Besides my day-job, I'm always looking for a challenge. New projects are really something I enjoy, so whether you need a new wesbite, a database system or web application, get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

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